Multicultural Arts Professional Development (MAPD) the national professional development program was initiated by the Australia Council for the Arts, and presented by the Australian Multicultural Foundation, RMIT University and Kape Communications.

MAPD was a unique executive professional development program for the arts in Australia. Ideal for cultural managers, arts marketers, community arts specialists, producers, curators and artists, who desired to build their skills in utilising cultural diversity for audience development, community partnerships, marketing and targeted communications; project development and international collaborations.

MAPD, an Executive Program at RMIT Business, included the five key areas of study: Multiculturalism—policy and application; Cultural Brokerage as presentation; Innovation in Entrepreneurship; Income Generation and Culturally Diverse Marketing and Communications.

MAPD 2010, a five day intensive period in Melbourne at RMIT University, was followed by consultations and one-to-one advice for a period of up to seven months, whereby participants completed a relevant project.

MAPD consultants are leaders in their fields. They have extensive knowledge of the arts, tourism, human resources, business management, marketing and policy development. They have worked nationally and internationally in China, Malaysia, Singapore, United States of America, and the United Kingdom.

They include, Jason Cotton, a specialist in Leadership of Innovation, Change, Negotiation and Strategic Relationships RMIT, Dr. Hass Dellal OAM, Executive Director of the Australian Multicultural Foundation, David Southwick, Marketing and Segmentation, RMIT, Fotis Kapetopoulos, an expert in cultural diversity in the arts and culturally diverse arts marketing.

MAPD included theory and practical application of theory. The program integrated arts and non-arts industries in building a stronger awareness of cultural brokerage, marketing and communications and leadership in the arts.

MAPD also hosted industry seminars, such as; Gandel Family Trust, the Arts Centre Mix-It-Up program, AMES Social Enterprise and Asialink.

MAPD focused on achieving participants’ goals be it in project presentation, communications and marketing, organisational change and/or career development. Those who completed MAPD have the opportunity to be part of the MAPD Alumni and continue to extend their knowledge and practice.

Participants who completed the MAPD assessment tasks were eligible for credit against the Executive Masters of Business Administration as an elective in Current Issues in the Business Executive program at RMIT University.


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